Re-uz ® UK Services

We do more than just selling cups.

We were the first company in the UK to offer a dedicated washing and drying station for reusable cups. Our machines are some of the most environmentally friendly on the market, recycling and using their own energy to help heat the water.

The latest technology for ecology.

In 2019 we washed and dried more than 8.5 million reusable Ecocups, preventing over 288 tons of disposable cups from entering landfills.

With the latest technology and custom-built machinery, our Highbridge-based wash unit can wash and dry as many as 500,000 cups in a 24hr period. Our machines recycle the water 3 times before it is drained from the machine. They also have a heat exchanger that captures the steam to pre-heat the water entering the machine to reduce energy and lower our carbon footprint.

Washing and storages facilities.

We now have a London-based washing facility near Gatwick and has plans in place to open a Manchester-based unit and a portable washing and drying machine, reducing the transport of our products and our carbon footprint.

Re-uz ® UK are proud to offer the following services to our customers:

  • A washing and drying service.
  • Rental of reusable cups.
  • Artwork design service.
  • Storage for cups.
  • On-site trained staff.
  • Stock management systems.

Any questions about our services and products?