Screen Printing

Reusable cups branded for your event.

Reusable cups branded with your logo or business name is an effective way to market your brand at your next event. Screen printed reusable cups have a brilliant, richly coloured, glossy printed finish. 

Our screen printing method allows for your design to last hundreds of washes and uses. This method is ideal for small-medium sized events, restaurants, bars and organisations. 

We offer the widest range of screen printed cups in the UK. You can brand your own pint cups, half pints, stacking wine glasses, champaign flutes, shot glasses and coffee cups. 


Benefits of Screen Printed Reusable Cups.

• Long life: Screen printed PP cups are super strong and durable. They can be used over 100 times.

• Eco-friendliness: compared to other materials, PP performs best when it comes to energy consumption in the manufacturing process and recyclability.

• Lowest cost per cup out of all printing styles.

• Longer lasting finish than Digital print.

• High quality inks using PANTONE ® colour pallets.

• The perfect way to showcase your brand/logo/business name.

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