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Newspaper articles and press statements from various clients

We’ve picked out some newspaper articles and press statements from various clients which talk about our Green Goblet reusables. The links below will direct you to their websites for more information on how our Green Goblet reusable cups fit within sustainable initiatives at different types of event.

looe live festival

Looe live ! with Green Goblet

The Cornish Times spoke to the team at Plastic Free Looe to find out about their Green Goblet reusables. They say the branded reusable cups are “directly stopping tens of thousands of single-use plastic cups either being incinerated or ending up floating around in our oceans.”

The Bridport Festival Cup with Green Goblet

Since May 2019, Bridport Tourist Information Centre has been offering The Bridport Festival Cup as part of the sustainable initiative scheme the town has in place. Available at festivals as well as the TIC itself for just £1, the cups are reducing single-use plastic from the Bridport and West Bay area.

Leicestershire CCC with Green Goblet

Leicestershire Foxes have been using Green Goblet reusables since the start of the 2016 season. That’s over 4 years of preventing single-use cups entering landfill!

Ding Crusaders RFC with Green Goblet

National League 2 South side Ding Crusaders have launched a reusable cup scheme for match days at their rugby club in Bristol. Unable to use glass due to health and safety restrictions, the Green Goblet reusables are a perfect alternative to single-use plastic cups. Operating a £1 deposit for the reusables encourages customers to return their cups to the bars, ensuring the Ecocups are reused multiple times and reducing clean up time for the club.

Hull Kingston Rovers with Green Goblet

In February Hull KR extended their reusable cup scheme site-wide across Hull College Craven Park. With eye catching designs and a £1 deposit system, the club estimate that the scheme will save 80,000 single-use cups from entering landfill across the Super League season.

Twickenham Stadium with Green Goblet

The 82,000 capacity stadium introduced reusable cups to improve customer experience and reduce waste to landfill. Ahead of the 6 Nations fixture against Ireland they highlight how the scheme works and explain information regarding deposits and cup returns to inform spectators ahead of the fixture.

twickenham ecocups

Glasdon with Green Goblet

Information on the “Nexus Cup Stacker” product by Glasdon which was used during the reusable cup trials at Premiership Football Clubs in 2019. These tubes mount on the walls around the bars for fans to deposit their empty cups into, the staff can then easily collect all dirty cups in one go which helps reduce the clean up time.

AFC Bournemouth with Green Goblet

An announcement of the trial of reusable cups at Vitality Stadium, in line with Sky Ocean Rescue and the Premier League’s ‘Pass on Plastic’ campaign.

Chelsea FC with Green Goblet

Announcement from Chelsea Football club who were one of the clubs to trial reusable cups as part of Sky Ocean Rescue’s #PassOnPlastic campaign in the 2018/19 season. We are still supplying our cups to Chelsea as well as some other Premiership football clubs now that the trial is over.

Peddler Market with Green Goblet

Sheffield’s monthly street food and local community market offer 50p off your drink each time you return their Green Goblet reusables to the bar. A great way to encourage customers to continue reusing the cups.

manchester city goblet

Manchester City with Green Goblet

Green Goblet trialled reusable cups at the Etihad Stadium throughout the 2018/19 season and launched the scheme site-wide for all draught beer in September 2019.

Brighton Pride with Green Goblet

In an effort to improve their sustainability, Brighton Pride outline the details of their Green Goblet reusable cup scheme. The limited number of branded cups used do not carry dates which mean that the designs can be carried over from year to year, making sure they are used mulitple times.

Reusable cups are part of the sustainability pledge that Brighton Pride have put in place as part of a three year plan to reduce single-use plastic across their event sites. We supplied specific Brighton Pride cup designs alongside our generic festival cups this summer – our generic cups can be washed and reused over and over at different festivals throughout the year so are some of our most used reusables, the Brighton Pride cups will be able to be reused in 2020 as the designs aren’t dated.

grand pier goblet
grand pier tickets in goblet

Grand Pier with Green Goblet

How the Grand Pier at Weston-Super-Mare is hoping to prevent 120,000 single-use cups entering landfill each year with the introduction of Green Goblet reusable cups at their famous seaside tourist destination.

Hay Festival with Green Goblet

In May 2018, Hay Festival asked customers to ‘Rethink Your Drink’ as they introduced reusable hot drink cups to their sustainability offer. In this article, Packaging News highlight some of the benefits of our reusable Corretto Cups in reducing single-use waste from hot drinks. Zero Waste Events calculated a 93% reduction in waste to landfill of plastic-lined coffee cups since Hay Festival’s partnership with Green Goblet.

corretto cups
deer shed festival

Deer Shed Festival with Green Goblet

The North Yorkshire festival were one of the first to come on board with Green Goblet reusables, but it’s more than just reusable cups – check out all of their sustainable initiatives here.

Here, The Yorkshire Post report on how Deer Shed Festival are continuing to strive to become a single-use plastic free festival. We have provided reusable pint and half pint cups to the family-friendly Deer Shed for many years and this year we introduced reusable hot drinks cups to the deposit scheme to further reduce landfill waste across the festival site. Deer Shed are the first festival that Green Goblet have supplied both hot and cold reusable cups for, we think more festivals and stadiums will follow their lead and make the move towards reusable coffee cups…

Motorpoint Arena with Green Goblet

The largest entertainment venue in the East Midlands came on board with Green Goblet reusable cups in December 2017. The arena use cups for Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey fixtures as well as for concerts and other events. There are some really eye-catching cup designs in the Panthers’ collection, well worth keeping to reuse at home if you are a fan!

leeds rhino cups

Leeds Rhinos with Green Goblet

One of the first Rugby League clubs to roll out a reusable cup scheme. We now supply cups for both Rugby and Cricket at Headingley Stadium, reducing the use of thousands of single use cups each fixture. Some of the Rhinos designs feature legends of the game who have played at the club over the years making them a hit with the supporters.

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