How Green Goblet reusables work at your event ?

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Unsure about how to operate reusable cups at your event? Green Goblet have years’ of experience and are more than happy to discuss the options and come up with the best solution for you.

The two main options available are detailed below :
   > a refundable deposit scheme
   > a compulsory levy.

Both can be tailored if needs be to suit your business.

Your transition to reusable cups as smooth as possible

Our team want to make your transition to reusable cups as smooth as possible, Green Goblet can help with…

  • Artwork and templates for Bar Signage to explain the scheme to your customers.
  • Press Releases and support in announcing the reusable cup scheme to maximise awareness.
  • Advice on which scheme would suit your event and or ways to tailor the formats to be most effective at your event.
  • Providing rental of generic cups alongside your own bespoke designs to increase the sustainabilty of the scheme.
  • Instructions on how to count and pack the cups, useful for briefing bar staff and ensuring accurate stock management.

Green Goblet is happy to use its industry experience

Depending on the event we have some extra additions which could help operationally with your reusable cup scheme. From counting tubes to assist in packing the cups, to systems to help move the products around your site.

Green Goblet are happy to use our industry experience to offer you any extras which could make your transition to reusable cups as smooth as possible.

Green Goblet reusable cups on events

reusable cups poster : how it works on events

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