Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Re-uz ® UK’s reusable cup service with the responses below to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Are reusable cups really more sustainable than single-use ones?

Disposal is the least favourable action in the waste hierarchy. Re-uz ® UK’s main goal is to prevent plastic entering landfill and as such we hope that our reusable, recyclable cups are never thrown away.

As long as they are reused multiple times, 2 independent studies, produced by experienced sustainability professionals, have proven reusables to be more sustainable than disposables. A link to one of these studies can be found here.

Re-uz ® UK encourage reuse of our cups above all else and advise clients to chose designs which do not show dates or brands which may prevent them being recirculated from event to event. Where possible we offer our generic cups to support bespoke designs.

What are Re-uz ® UK's cups made of?

All of our cups are made of polypropylene (PP) which makes them 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

This material makes them sturdy and perfect for multiple uses. They are also dishwasher safe and BPA free.

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What kind of printing do you offer?

We offer 3 main printing options: In Mould Labelling (IML), Screen Print or Digital Print.

IML designs are the most popular option for pint cups as the design covers up to 99% of the cup, can include photographic quality images and unlimited colours.

The Screen print options and Digital print options are perfect for smaller orders as they tend to have a quicker production time and give great results for single colour designs, brand names or logos. There is more information on the different print types on the Products tab of our menu.

What is the lead time?

Lead time depends on the chosen printing method. For cups with a logo we usually allow 4-6 weeks. For rental of our generic cups we aim to provide the cups within a couple of days. We recommend that you speak to our sales team about your specific order especially if you are working to a deadline.

The further in advance you can submit your artwork and place your order the better, our busiest period is during the Summer months and orders can take longer to produce during this time according to demand.

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Can I wash my Re-uz ® UK cup at home?

Yes, our cups are made for refilling, reusing and washing! Our cups are dishwasher-proof as they are all capable of being washed in our custom-built industrial cup washing machines.

Just like your normal glasses, we would recommend you stack cups on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Like most plastics, they may not completely dry depending on your machine, so give them a quick wipe dry before storing.

Do reusable cups have to use a deposit scheme?

Running a deposit scheme isn’t necessary for all events. There are alternatives available.

Deposit schemes add a value to the cup, having paid to use their Ecocup, the customer tends to take more responsibility for it and return it to the bar meaning fewer cups are left lying around for cleaning teams at the event.

For a visual description of the difference between a deposit scheme and a compulsory levy click here. We will also be happy to discuss the options available and advise the best solution for your specific event.


How do I make payment?

Specifc details regarding payment terms will be made clear to you by our sales and accounts teams when discussing your order.

We can only begin to process orders once payment has been received.

Payment is requested to be paid to Re-uz ® UK within 48 hours of invoice. Account details will be provided on your invoice.

What do I need to launch a reusable cup scheme at my event?

We are happy to either get involved in the planning of your scheme or take a back seat. We can advise on how to communicate the scheme with your customers, and provide help with signage, press release and social media announcements if required.

We can also provide additional extras to help with cup collection and other aspects of your scheme.

We have years of experience in the industry and are happy to share our knowledge to help you implement a successful reusable cup scheme. We can advise on all areas, including how many cups you might expect to use at your venue.


Can the cups be recycled?

Yes! our reusables are 100% recyclable as they are made from polypropylene (PP, No5.)

We work with a recycling company that re-purpose any broken or unusable cups into other objects including tote boxes and coat hangers.

If you take the cups home just check with your local council which recycling collection to put your PP cup into if you no longer want to reuse it.

How many times can Re-uz ® UK cups be used?

Our Ecocups are made of strong, durable material and designed to last multiple uses and washes.

Most cups can take up to 100 washes in an industrial machine.

Worried that specific cups for your event may only get one or two uses? We can offer the rental of our ‘generic’ festival cup designs or plain ‘reuse me’ cups alongside your own bespoke designs to ensure that more cups are reused and fewer specific, one-off designs are produced.

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Do I need to provide my own artwork and designs?

We have a Graphic Designer who can upload your images and logos onto cup templates. These images need to be provided in high resolution (preferably .ai or .psd although other formats can be accepted.)

The final design will be sent to the client to be signed off.

Note that if artwork deadlines are missed, your order may not be able to be processed according to the original time frame. Green Goblet can email through dimensions and template guidelines for your artwork.

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