Introducing Reusable Solutions

The best solution for your business or event

In order to provide a better understanding of how reusable cups can work at different venues and events take a look at the various case studies and categories below…

Green Goblet have years’ of experience in the industry and are happy to talk through the options to come up with the best solution for your business or event.

Refundable Deposit scheme

The customer pays a deposit for a reusable cup with their first drink which can be refunded at the end of the event.

When operating a deposit scheme you should consider having clear signage around bars and across the venue to explain the reusable cup scheme to the customer. Some venues choose to have dedicated cup return points whereas others take all transactions through the bar tills. Green Goblet can assist with artwork and wording for bar signage as well as give advice on how best to operate the refundable deposit scheme.

Compulsory Levy scheme

The customer pays a fee to purchase their reusable cup with their first drink and can take their cup home as a souvenir after the event.

Many of our festival clients use our ‘generic festival cups’ alongside a limited number of their own bespoke designs. The Green Goblet reusable cups tend to be used at the beginning of the event, so that on the last day or for their last drink, the customer can receive a bespoke cup to take home as a souvenir of the event.

No Charge scheme

The customer receives their drink in a reusable cup at no extra fee and is encouraged to return it to the bar or dedicated collection area for reuse.

If you choose to operate a no charge scheme, we tend to advise using a reusable cup with a plain or simple design. Green Goblet have found that this is necessary in order to prevent the customer taking the cup home with them. The majority of our Football clients use our ‘generic reuse me’ ecocups which simply explain to the customer “I am a reusable cup. Please don’t put me in the bin.”

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