Reusable Accessories for your drinks

Any questions about reusable accessories?

Accessories to compliment our reusable cups

Green Goblet provide a series of accessories to compliment our reusable cups – take a lot at some of our additional extra below…


Lanyards and lids

Choose your design and colour to create the perfect accessory for your reusable cup – no more spills!

Green Goblet lanyards are also available for events on a sale or return bases – contact us for more details.

We offer silicone lids which fit on both our pint cups and the 12oz hot drink cups.

Bottle Lanyard

Whether you want to carry a water bottle or a bottle of wine, our tough bottle lanyard will do the trick and keep your hands free.

Wine Lanyard

If wine is your tipple then this wine hammock will be perfect for carrying your reusable flute.

Stacking Handles

If you’re looking for a novel way to carry your reusable cups, look no further… Green Goblet offer stacking handles which slip around the cup, by fitting the handles together you can carry multiple reusable cups in one hand. Perfect for buying a round!

The benefit of having a removable carry handle is that they can be separated prior to entering our industrial wash machines, ensuring that the cups are cleaned to the highest standard possible.

Do you need any accessories ?