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Reusable or disposable?

Independent studies comparing single-use to reuse...

Green Goblet believe the best way to prevent single-use plastic cups from entering landfill is to replace them with a reusable - but don't just take our word for it.

This page includes independent studies and reports that have been conducted to test the sustainability performance of both single-use and reusable products.

Take a look and see the results for yourself... 

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Reusables vs Disposables

Below are two documents from an independent report by Hope Solutions comparing the environmental impact of disposable cups versus reusables.

Hope Solutions - Reusable Cups Fact Sheet

Hope Solutions - Reusable Cups Figures

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Good cup, bad cup

The following is a fact sheet put together by Heineken in 2019, comparing single-use to reusable cups and analysing various types of plastic materials best suited to each. Heineken discuss the sustainability performance of disposable and reusable cups made from various materials and rank them for comparison. 

Good cup, bad cup; ranking and recommendations

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